About me

Welcome to my world of healing and transformation through the art of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. My journey into this profound realm of alternative medicine began about two decades ago, during a period of personal health crisis. At just 22 years old, I found myself grappling with debilitating stomach pains, overwhelming fatigue, and persistent backaches. Despite undergoing numerous medical tests, the results showed nothing conclusively wrong, leaving me in a state of both physical pain and emotional despair.
It was during this challenging time that a revelation occurred, leading me to explore beyond the boundaries of conventional medicine. A friend introduced me to an exceptional alternative medicine therapist, marking the beginning of a transformative journey. Through a series of treatments, coupled with insightful guidance on lifestyle modifications, I experienced a profound shift. I was no longer at the mercy of my ailments; instead, I felt empowered, in control of my own body and health. This experience ignited a deep-seated passion within me – a desire to guide others on their path to wellness and transformation.
Driven by this newfound purpose, I embarked on an exploratory quest, delving into various diets and therapeutic practices. This exploration reinforced my belief in the intrinsic connection between body and mind, and the importance of treating both with the utmost respect. I learned that achieving harmony between our physical and mental states is a continuous, yet incredibly rewarding challenge.
As a Chinese medicine acupuncturist, my mission is to be your ally on this journey. I am committed to helping you navigate the complexities of health and wellness, using the timeless wisdom and practices of Chinese medicine. Together, we will work towards achieving a balanced, healthier, and more vibrant you. Join me in embracing this beautiful challenge – the journey towards holistic health and harmony.